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Verily Say Capital

The opportunity to invest is available to a few for a limited time.

Verily Say is quickly growing and we'd love to partner with a few people who believe in what we're doing. We work with corporate and nonprofits to tell stories that matter. We're the "TOMS Shoes" of agencies, AKA the "anti-agency"; we're built to make a real difference.

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Our Company


Verily Say is becoming the gold standard of agencies for good. From the ground up, we're built to make a true impact with both our client work and our profits.

By 2025 our goal is to give back 90% of our profits to nonprofits changing the world. Currently, we give back 20% to alleviating child poverty and providing under privileged students with opportunities to succeed.

We've worked for some of the world's most prestigious companies, and for nonprofits changing the world. From entertainment to capturing serious moments, our communications team are world-class.

Meet the Makers

Our Amazing Team

One of the most important elements to consider before investing is who you are investing in. We want to introduce you to our team, and everyone who's gonna see this through.

Josiah Lord
CEO & Founder
Over a decade of experience in leadership and design excellence. Extreme attention to detail. Highly organized. System efficiency designer. Constantly challenging the status quo and improving the way things are done. Minimalist in design and lifestyle. Jo is passionate about nonprofits achieving their vision.
Cassaundra Palmer
Social Media & Marketing Director
With a background in Public Relations and dozens of high profile social media clients, Cassie has experience working with a world-leading social media company in NYC. She is trailblazing the community and engagement aspects of social media for our clients.
Jasmine Arseneau
account Executive
There's no other way of describing Jasmine's job than being the "glue" that holds everything together. Our accounts vary drastically from corporate to nonprofit, and Jasmine masterfully communicates both sides and coordinates with our team directors.
Raymond Pendleton
Director of Photography
Possessing a rare ability to walk into a room and set a movie scene up out of thin air, Raymond is a magician of media directing. We have used him far and wide on the east and west coast leading our videographers through every production.
Alex Maysonet
Senior Photographer
Alex is our primary photographer in New York City area. He has been an invaluable addition to our team as continue to work with high-profile clients in the city.
Tucker Oelsen
senior Art Director
With an incredible education from SCAD and years of professional experience in the industry, Tucker has brought a new level of quality to our team. His unique perspective and incredibly sharp talent is invaluable.
Timothy Preston
Sound Designer
Experienced Sound Designer working in the film and television industry. Strong arts and design professional with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) focused in Motion Media Design and Post Production Sound Design from SCAD .
Rachel Lord
Social Media Manager
Managing day-to-day operations for clients all over the world, Rachel is impeccably organized. She has been an incredible resource on our team, exceeding our expectations and trailblazing social media management.
Cameron Bushey
From vlogs to full length lectures, Cam has been one of our most dependable videographers. He's been an incredible talent on our team, and by far our best RED camera operator.
Chilly Chilton
Director of ministry
After developing the youth ministry curriculum at Valley Forge Christian College, Chilly went on to become a church planter in Detroit. He has since launched several new ministries and is an innovative ministry leader.


At Verily Say, we hire talent and personality as a priority over logistics. As a result, the majority of our team works entirely remotely. Utilizing modern-day tools like Slack and Airtable, our team stays current with everything happening all on the same page. This flexibility of hiring allows for higher caliber people to work for us who may be living far from the east coast.

This allows our team to work from anywhere in the world they want to be. We look at it like a company "perk". We encourage our team to travel, explore the world and as long as they get their work done - all is good! We've never had any issues with this model.

Office Space

We currently have office space rented in Burlington, Vermont at a co-working facility who's giving us a great rate. This space is available to any of our team members to use in the Burlington area. We also occasionally rent studio space for shoots, and co-working space for meetings in New York City and other places around the world as needed.

Eventually, we'd love to have a space of our own that we can create a studio environment and bring in clients to showcase our projects, as well as welcome interns to join our team. This office space will be budget-friendly rent or owned by us, and be on the east coast first, and eventually the west coast in proximity to Silicon Valley.


At Verily Say we are innovating the way organizations use visual and social communication. Our products are designed to enable organizations to share their important stories in beautiful and effective mediums. Our commitment as an organization is to develop curriculum, training and easy assistance for nonprofits all over the world to learn from.

When a client is interested in a product, we consult with them to help decide if it's the most effective solution to their problem. Our representative offers our best solutions to their inquiry, and attempts to sell them on one of our retainer packages which will give them the best deal. Retainer products are the most reliable for our company, where we have guaranteed monthly income and can budget accordingly.

Our internal systems are currently under re-development as our team has drastically grown in the last year.

Currently we are using the following methods for internal organization and productivity: 

Internal Systems:
  • Slack (project communication)
  • Airtable (project management)
  • Gmail (client relations and support)
  • G Suite (email and domain service)
Internal Software:
  • Adobe Creative Suite (design & editing)
  • DaVinci Resolve (video editing & color)
  • Webflow (web design & publishing)
  • Hootsuite (social media)


To request a list of income for 2018 and 2019, please email team@verilysay.com with the subject "Income Report".

Our repeat clients include:
A&E Networks, Becton Dickinson, CBS New York, Navigators, One Planet Ops, Quite Remarkable, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Thankful.org, The Marketing Academy and several others.

Expansion: Investment Opportunity

Verily Say is growing faster than we ever thought! We're asking investors to assist while we're in this growth spurt. Our greatest hurtle has been lack of cash flow. We're looking to overcome this by putting $100,000 of investment money into our account for the following business development:


$10,000 will go into trademarking and legally establishing our brand in the global market. This money will cover legal and accountant fees.
$20,000 will remain in the account as a balance for accessible cash when needed for refunding a client or an emergency company expense.
$25,000 will go directly into our marketing and social plan to dominate the nonprofit sector by 2025. This will be a slow spending budget with a lot of strategy and ad testing.
$45,000 will go into necessary equipment expenses that we have had to rent until this investment round gets funded.

Return on Investment (ROI)

If you'd be interested in partnering with us now, we're offering a huge incentive to early investors, as listed below. As an initial investor, you'll also have first choice to buy shares as they become available or for sale in the future. Our $200,000 company worth evaluation is based on our income, consistent growth, reoccurring clients and unique selling point. Equity ownership will be partial ownership of Verily Say Incorporated.

$15k one-time investment, 3% equity. You'll receive 6% of each sale until your money is paid back. You'll continue receiving 2% of sales until Q3 2022.
$20k one-time investment, 5% equity. You'll receive 8% of each sale until your money is paid back. You'll continue receiving 4% of sales until Q3 2022.
$30k one-time investment, 7% equity. You'll receive 10% of each sale until your money is paid back. You'll continue receiving 6% of video production sales until Q3 2022.

If you're interested in this investment opportunity, we can have additional conversations via phone and will draw up the necessary paperwork for your review. If you would only be able to invest on different terms, we are willing to negotiate. Please keep in mind, we have approached several investors with this opportunity and these terms will expire very soon as our founder will maintain 51% of the company and another 20% for co-founders.

Give Back Model

You may have heard that Verily Say gives back 20% of all our profits to organization's making a massive impact improving our world. Your investment will not be considered profit, so we will not be giving away any of this money. The money that you invest will go directly to building our company in the areas of need as expressed above. For more information on our giving back, click here.


A note from our founder:

All my life I've been preparing for this moment. Never before have my passions for design and philanthropy crossed paths and created an undeniably successful business venture. I haven't doubted Verily Say since its inception. With or without anyone's help, this company is being built to truly change the world. You can invest because it's just a loan, and you'll earn profits on top of that. You can invest because we are creating something that's truly unique; an agency that's making a massive impact on the world. You can invest because of our over-qualified, world-class team of professionals. You can invest because we've created for some of the world's most successful companies. You can invest, or you can pass. Either way, by 2025 Verily Say will be the gold standard of agencies for good, and every nonprofit will be begging to work with us. I'd love it if you joined us on this journey, for your wisdom and resources. Thank you for considering.

Verily Say Capital

The opportunity to invest is available to a few for a limited time.

We'd love for you to partner with us!

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