Motion Media

Visually inspire your audiences with impressive motion media.

Capturing people's attention gets harder and harder every day. Our highly polished motion media stands out in an otherwise over-saturated newsfeed. Below are a few examples of our work.


We were tasked with creating a mini-series of infographic-styled videos that showcase little communities around New York City. This project was created for CBS New York to be a new segment called Best In Town.

Health Care

From storyboarding and design to animation and final product, our motion designer created everything in this video minus the voice over and script. This project was for Becton, Dickinson and Company as a company product promotional video.


Tasked with designing an aesthetic that wouldn't be distracting from the star being interviewed, we set the mood for this movie promotion. The deliverables were for LED digital monitors behind the talent. This project was created for NBC News, Today Show.

Oh hey, that's our founder Jo Lord hanging out with one of Hollywood's biggest stars Matt Damon! NO biggie.


Vikings is always a fun show to design for. We've done several promotional projects for Vikings, as well as some design updates.

This is apart of the color grading package that we delivered to History. We were also asked to modify the "V" and the "H" logos to fix some undisclosed errors.
Verily Say did not create the original Vikings design kit, we made edits to the original. We edited the design, effects adjustments, color correction, texture and lighting and animation to name a few.
History Channel had us take fan art for their Vikings show, and make it come to life. This was a collaboration with artist James Lineham.

Lifetime requested that we come up with some exciting promo spots to advertise for the National Women's Soccer League championship in 2017.

We were provided the images, and cut them out and made them 3D using Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects. This was a collaboration with artist James Lineham. We do not own the rights to the entire promo, so this is just a short clip.

Fuse TV had us do some creative design and editing with music video promo spots in 2018 to help prepare for the Grammys®.

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