Interactive Design UI/UX

The more that technology advances in our world, the more important it is to be on the cutting-edge of it all. That’s why we have made it a priority to train our animators how to create for for any platform.

While working at the Today Show, we ran media for the "Orange Room" (the popular social media segment) 2015-2017. We created countless media and user interface design for Carson Daly or Al Roker to thumb through on the Microsoft Surface interactive display screen. 

p1 (1).png


This is a sample of the kind of UX / UI design we've done for them. This graphic would be played out on a Microsoft Surface screen, of which we would deliver the still and animated graphics for the engineer to load for Surface. Al Roker, Carson Daly or another host would scroll through the graphics on the Surface and our media would play out. In case you were wondering, yes, Al Roker and Carson Daly are as nice in-person as you've always hoped they would be. 


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