We strongly believe that your nonprofit needs a voice on Instagram. Through creative video, design and epic photos that showcase what your brand is all about, in order to be relevant, your profile needs to be active, often.

Each piece of content we create is carefully crafted to fully represent you and your ministry. Our creative process begins and ends with your story.

Every nonprofit is different, which is why we are dedicated to working with you in determining what type of creative content is the best fit for your brand. From brainstorming to post-production, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

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100% Organic

No fake accounts, and no spam. We grow your social channels the natural way.


Real people, interested in what you have to say

We introduce your brand to tens of thousands of people each month, but it’s up to them to follow you. We’re good but not that good. (And we wouldn’t have it any other way)

Our team of social media experts

Our Gurus will work with you to customize a growth plan based on your organization’s goals and act as your go-to resource for up-to-date strategy and tactics.


Target the right people

Diverse communities flourish on Instagram - from churches and ministries to bands and musicians. We find the communities that will be interested in your nonprofit, the people most likely to become your fans and supporters.

Engage in meaningful conversations

We connect you with Instagram users most relevant to your ministry, and introduce them to your brand.


Grow a massive audience

Unlike some of the "other guys" our team grows your account the natural way. This won’t happen overnight, but no one can argue with the results.


Verily Say content creation services help your company or small business stay relevant in today's social, digital world.


Convert fans to loyal customers

On average it takes 8 impressions before a consumer decided to buy your product or visit your shop. Once you’ve amassed a large follower base, we’ll guide them along the process by using graphics, photos and videos.


special event branding:
cbs new york, royal wedding celebration

CBS New York had us create, curate and publish content for the day before and day of the Royal Wedding. We interviewed a former Royal Chef with Kelloggs. We captured English-inspired food around the city. We created a royal theme takeover for the Instagram page, including highlights, story graphics and post filters.


Instagram Theme

One of the unique things about the “gram” is that (unless you’re incredibly popular) people judge the book by its cover. In other words, unless you have a beautiful layout, consistent theme and beautiful media portray who your ministry is, it’s going to be very difficult to build a following. This is something we’ll do for your account right from the start.


Our team is trusted by major corporations in both design and social media, but we are focused on nonprofit’s like yours because we believe that the work you do is the most important kind. was a client from July 2018 - November 2018 was a client from July 2018 - November 2018


service 1: instagram make-over

For 30 days, Verily Say will “jump-start” your Instagram account. Our goal will be to increase your account’s health, grow your following and create an overall aesthetic (within brand guidelines) that will modernize your organization’s appearance.


  • Audience growth

  • Audience increased engagement

  • Branded theme design

  • Responding to messages and comments

  • Story highlight icons

  • Instagram story posts, utilizing all the bells and whistles

  • Pre-approved content calendar for the month *

  • Professional bio, logo profile image, relevant links

  • 30 minute training session and Q&A for your staff on best practices for Instagram Live

* We will work with your team to create and curate media that accurately reflects your brand. This may take a few weeks to organize and setup ahead of time, but once it rolls out you’ll begin to see the massive potential of social media. One of our objectives here is to demonstrate best practices and what could be organized and continued in the future.

COST: $4,300 ($5,590 value, 30% nonprofit discount applied)

service 2: design & motion templates

Our team will develop templates and “motion engines” to make it easy for your staff or volunteers to drag and drop content inside, and change out text or logos. These templates are going to make creating branded content for social super-easy and hassle-free! Best of all, these designs and animations will make your organization stand out with beautiful content, which will boost engagement.

For technical explanation of how these templates work or the features that will be included, please call your point of contact at Verily Say for a demonstration. Please understand that these engines take a lot of time to put together, but can be repurposed and used for years to come. Update a logo? No problem, quick fix — still a working template! You get the idea.


  • Five design templates for Adobe Photoshop

  • Five design Instagram story samples

  • Five motion graphics templates for Adobe Premier

  • Five motion template story samples

  • Video caption template for Adobe Premier

  • Training video explaining step-by-step how to use the templates

  • Training video explaining the process for publishing for platform format

COST: $5,700 ($7,410 value, 30% nonprofit discount applied)

service combo:

COMBO PRICING: $9,400 (originally $10,000 total, nonprofit discounts applied)

If your organization decides to purchase both of our services listed above, we’ll also include the following as complimentary bonuses:

+ Training video on how to repost user generated content to increase engagement
+ Training video on assembly of story and secrets for more engagement
+ Training video on scheduling in advance using third-party services (free and paid options)
+ Training video on how to export the same content on more than one platform in one publication

We are pleased to say that we've seen results far above average for our clients in growth, theme aesthetic and content creation and curation. Our team will research your audience, create relevant content that will promote your brand and increase engagement on Instagram.

Please keep in mind that these service options are suggested packages, but if your budget cannot afford all of the options we can work with you to find solutions that will. We’d love to establish a reoccurring relationship with your organization, and would love to talk long-term solutions for design, video and social media as needed.

Thank you for choosing Verily Say!