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Chaplain Barry Black will be one of our keynote speakers! Barry C. Black is the 62nd chaplain of the United States Senate. He was elected to this position on June 27, 2003, becoming the first African American and the first Seventh-day Adventist to hold this office. The Senate elected its first chaplain in 1789.

Caption mostly taken from his Google bio. Take clips of his sermon in the Youtube video, maybe around 3:40. Have the cover photo be his official senate photo?

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  • TITLE: Duties of the Senate Chaplain

  • Opening the Senate each day in prayer

  • Counseling and spiritual care for the senators, their families and their staffs, a combined constituency of six thousand people.

  • Meeting senators about spiritual and moral issues

  • Assisting senators’ staffs with research on theological and biblical questions

  • Teaching Senate Bible study groups

  • Encouraging groups like the weekly Senate Prayer Breakfast

  • Facilitating discussion and reflection small groups among senators and staff.

  • In order to stay informed of the needs of the Senate community, Chaplain Black maintains a program with a volunteer liaison in each office to assist him. A member of his staff directs this program.

  • Chaplain Barry Black will be a keynote speaker at Called 2020.

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Slide 1: Title Card “DID YOU KNOW?” and “United States Senate Chaplain position”

Slide 2: Throughout the years, the United States Senate has honored the historic separation of Church and State, but not the separation of God and State.

Slide 3: The first Senate, meeting in New York City on April 25, 1789, elected the Right Reverend Samuel Provost, the Episcopal Bishop of New York, as its first chaplain.

Slide 4: Since then, all sessions of the Senate have been opened with prayer, strongly affirming the Senate's faith in God as Sovereign Lord of our Nation.

Slide 5: The role of the chaplain as spiritual advisor and counselor has expanded over the years from a part-time position to a full-time job as one of the officers of the Senate. The Office of the Chaplain is nonpartisan, nonpolitical, and nonsectarian.

Slide 6: SWIPE UP to watch our IGTV video about Chaplain Barry Black’s responsibilities for the Senate.

Slide 7: Chaplain Barry Black will be a keynote speaker at Called Con 2020.

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One of our keynote speakers, Chris Olberg, overcame complicated adversity while pursuing God’s calling as a female pastor.

She shares her struggle with the stigma against women leadership in the church and the toll it took on her relationship with her father.

Here’s a bit of her story. #Called2020

Taken from NAD Adventist Vimeo. Suggested start: 2:08 through 3:54. Cover photo would be her keynote speaker picture with graphic overlay of her name

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Slide 1: We’re excited to introduce, Chris Olberg as one of our keynote speakers.

Slide 2: Watch her story in our Instagram post.

Slide 3: We’re so excited to have Pastor Chris at Called Convention 2020!

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