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to life through media.

A subscription service for custom content that is both modern, relevant and speaks confidently for your brand. Fresh photography, videography and graphics every day, exclusive to your brand.

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Imagine having fresh graphics delivered each month. Our team of designers will take your brand's guidelines and make magic! This could be anything from a new logo, to announcements.

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We're not talking stock photography here. This is custom, licensed photography shot on-location at your company. We'll deliver high quality photos each month!

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Promo videos, event trailers, social media clips and many other kinds of videos are all available in our monthly plan. This includes content for all social media deliverables and more.

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A content subscription service for organizations who want to share more stories more often. Maker is for brands that need to meet the high demand of staying relevant, while still maintaining a unified front.

Beautiful Stories

Art. Streamlined.

Post fresh content every day

High quality content that is available 24/7 from the cloud for your frequent updates on social media. Delivering new content for your team to use each month with unlimited license restrictions.

Consistent with brand guidelines

World-class content creators making art that speaks volumes, and powerfully represents your brand.

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Our team can't wait to get your content streamlined into our Maker product.
All plans include a complimentary, commitment-free consultation and money-back guarantee.

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thinking ahead

Made with mobile in mind.

More than 58% of online traffic comes from a mobile device, and increasing dramatically each year. It's more important than ever to have content created with the device in mind.

maker features

Stop the scroll.

Stand out in an over-saturated newsfeed.

Design Precision

Content created by world-class talent. Our team has designed for NBC, CBS, A&E Networks and other major corporations.

UI & UX Design

Media that's designed to be engaged with by people. Content that is meant for more than passive scrolling.

Multi-platform Output

Media that's created differently with each major platform in mind. All media is designed and encoded for the platform it's going to be published to.


A successful content plan relies heavily on consistent publishing. It must appeal to, entice, and convince consumers to take action. Maker provides new content each month so your team never runs out!

Branded Content

Content that's consistent with brand guidelines and feels like it belongs to your organization. When you get started with Maker, we make a plan with your team for our content to feel like it's authentic to your brand.

Personal Support

We're here for your questions, feedback and support. Every interaction with our team is professional and courteous. Our Maker and Socially customers receive our highest priority support.

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Be relevant

Doing what's always been done doesn't work anymore.

It's more important than ever to be relevant and up-to-speed with what's happening in the world. If there's a serious event that needs to be covered, we'll work night and day to catch it. Maker's content is completely custom and catered to each of our customers. This provides the ultimate content creating experience for your organization.

Hover me!
"Wow! These graphics look awesome
Matt Damonn
"Great job on the interview design - I thought it looked amazing!"
Tim Ferriss
Author, 12/2016
"Quick to build what we need, and we greatly appreciate it!"
Tammy Filler
Co-Executive Producer TODAY
"In-tune with the ever-evolving aesthetic of the show."
Neal Carter
Executive Producer, TODAY
"Creativity proven to be invaluable when designing original elements in the face of tight deadlines."
Brittany Haviland
Producer TODAY

Hundreds of Happy Customers

Verily Say has had the privilege of working with some of the most incredible corporations and nonprofits in the world.

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Our team can't wait to get your content on the fast-track to powerful communication and growing metrics. All plans include a complimentary, commitment-free consultation.

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